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Compassionate Insurance Solutions Medicare Freedom of Choice for Plans with Blanche Slanga-Hayden, PhD

Freedom of Choice

As a multi-state independent broker, I represent major carriers, allowing you to select a plan that will best suit your personal needs. I'll "shop" around and help you find plans that will provide you with the most comprehensive health care coverage for your needs, at a more affordable cost.

Medicare Insurance Peace of Mind with your Medicare Health Insurance Plan Choices with Blanche Slanga-Hayden, PhD

Peace of Mind

I help you choose a plan what will satisfy three basic needs: personal preferences and needs, your lifestyle, and financial resources. When your health care plan choices help you meet those needs, you will have Peace of Mind, so you can focus your health.

Medicare Plan Enrollment Over the Phone

Medicare Made Simple

I work virtually from home and help clients from several states. I educate clients on how Medicare works and simplify it for them. My clients enjoy the ease of enrolling in plans over the phone. You can stay safe and comfortable in your home while I help you enroll in your Medicare health care plans.

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"My husband lost his job a few years ago due to a company restructuring. We couls not afford to maintain our health insurance. We did without and paid the Obamacare penalty. As I got closer to age 65, I started getting mailings regarding Medicare. I found Blanche through an acquaintance, and I'm so grateful I did. Blanche took the time to explain my choices. It made it so easy for me! I don't know what I would have done without her. Love that lady!"
Melodia Testimonial
M Lilly
"Getting my Medicare set up was something I was dreading to do. Just like paying taxes, the thought of understanding and filling out forms wasn't anything I was looking forward to. But with Blanche's expert assistance and careful explanation of the various plans, it was no pain at all! Thanks, Blanche! I really appreciate the time you took with my Medicare set up."
Robbie Testimonial
R Robinson
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