asset Preservation with Health Care Plans

protect the assets that can help you
live the retirement you'e always dreamed of.

The money saved from years of hard work can be depleted quickly when faced with a health crisis – whether it be a critical illness or major surgery.

We work with baby boomers, seniors, people who are retiring and retirees who want to protect their retirement savings for the long term. Retirement planning involves many facets, including a careful review of potential health care needs. This includes examining your Medicare options to take steps to help protect your finances.

We’ll examine what will or will not be covered by Medicare and take steps to address any gaps in coverage and, most importantly, protect you from the unexpected. I am contracted with many of the top insurance carriers for ancillary insurance plans, which include Lump-Sum Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke, Hospital Indemnity, as well as Dental, Vision & Hearing plans.

As you approach retirement and you plan on transitioning from your employer-sponsored group health insurance coverage, you’ll have many questions regarding Medicare. I’ll be answering those questions and helping you evaluate your coverage options to develop a strategy that addresses your financial and medical needs and concerns.

Medicare and Health Care planning is just one of the many elements involved in Asset Preservation. I enjoy partnering with Financial Advisors, Elder Law Attorneys, Retirement Advisors, Estate Planners and CPAs who you might be working with to create a well-rounded plan of action that is aligned with your best interests and unique needs, goals and preferences. And my services are at no cost to you.

Whether you’re a new Medicare beneficiary or a longtime Medicare Supplement beneficiary, I’m here to help you explore your plan options to create a strategy designed to help you address your financial and medical needs and concerns.

Remember, I work for you so that you can have Peace of Mind now and into the future.

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